The project

aktiF advises, supports and assists the clubs on their path to intercultural openness. Intercultural openness in the clubs is enhanced through continuing training and local networks bring the clubs together with people involved in integration and migration work.


Integration is a process in which we are all involved. Every individual can contribute to the social changes and actively shape the cultural diversity in our society.” (Wolfgang Fleiner, Vice President on the Board of Management of Schwäbischer Turnerbund e.V. - Swabian Gymnastics Association - (STB) at the kick-off meeting on 25.11.2016)


aktiF is a joint project organised by Internationaler Bund e.V. (IB) and Schwäbischer Turnerbund e.V. (STB). It is supported by the Federal Ministry of the Interior within the framework of the Federal programme entitled “Cohesion through participation” until 30 June 2018.

Mentoring and coaching the clubs

The pilot clubs are supported by the project team for the entire duration of the project. The sports association can draw on both a wide range of expert knowledge and political education.

Together they formulate realistic and feasible goals that the club would like to achieve during the course of the project. The project team is on hand to offer help and advice to the clubs. The advisory process is based on the organisational development stages so that a sustainable change can be achieved in the organisation.

The aktiF project provides the clubs with external consultants for the development process depending on the topic. The planning is coordinated.

Project timetable

It is mainly a case of gaining a mutual understanding and presenting the project details at the kick-off meeting. The status quo and the needs of the club are also analysed.

The club receives networking support during this phase by enabling the appropriate access to target groups and local institutions. The club also receives assistance with the design and organisation of exercise and sports activities.

The pilot clubs receive intensive support in approaching the target groups and planning the activities during the project. The assistance and support is provided from the point of view of the sports association and also from a political education point of view.

The exercise and sports activities are implemented in the pilot clubs from this point. The aktiF project team is on hand at all times to offer help and advice to the clubs and individuals in charge.

Course of the strategy meeting:

  • Evaluating the intercultural openness self-check
  • Identifying starting points in the club based on mind maps
  • Selecting an area in which the initial changes are envisaged
  • Formulating the goal to be achieved in one year
  • Planning the resources and measures to achieve the goal

Discussing further assistance needed from the “aktiF” project team.

Duration: approx. 2 hours, on-site at the club


The club receives € 34 (gross) for every hour of exercise performed with the project target group.

A review of the past year. Joint assessment on whether the formulated goal has been achieved. Discussion on further action.

“aktiF” also offers the clubs the opportunity to organise free workshops in the club. The topics include “Culture-sensitive communication”, “Managing diversity” and “Discrimination”. The clubs can also include their own chosen topics depending on the goals and needs. These address instructors and club officials. The workshops are organised locally in the clubs and can also be integrated into planned committee meetings or club events. 

“aktiF” offers two workshops at the 11th Stuttgart Sports Congress on Saturday, 21.10.2017. “Is there discrimination in sports (clubs)?” and “Sports clubs and the community: partners during the integration?”

Gefördert durch das Bundesministerium des Innern im Rahmen des Bundesprogramms „Zusammenhalt durch Teilhabe".