The partners

The aktiF project is a joint project organised by Internationaler Bund e.V. (IB) and Schwäbischer Turnerbund e.V. It is supported by the Federal Ministry of the Interior within the framework of the Federal programme entitled “Cohesion through participation”.

Internationaler Bund e.V. (IB) is one of the largest service providers of youths, social and education work in Germany. Its motto “Strengthening humanity” is the motivation and orientation for its nearly 14,000 employees in organisations at 300 locations. They support 350,000 children, young people, adults and senior citizens on their path to a self-determined life each year.


 “The goal of the work of IB is to integrate people – in the job market, in society, in clubs etc. But what is integration? [...] Integration from our point of view [must] not mean that people who come here from other countries must do exactly what we expect them to do. Integration must not be a one-way street, but rather both sides can gain from it.” (Bernd Umbach, Managing Director of International Bund Süd, one of Germany’s largest non-profit organisations for training, social work and working with young people, at the kick-off event on 25.11.2016)

Schwäbischer Turnerbund e.V. (STB) is the Württemberg sports federation that is responsible for all sports and exercise activities that have developed from the various forms of gymnastics and acrobatics. In addition to numerous forms of competitive sport, the range of activities particularly includes basic motor skills training for children and a wide range of modern fitness and recreational sports activities. STB is today the largest sports federation in Baden-Württemberg with around 681,000 members in 1,800 clubs. 

We consider it to be a shared responsibility to offer people with a migrant background new prospects in life in a cosmopolitan and diverse society.[...] Ultimately, we want to make a contribution to reduce the deficit in the participation of girls and women with a migrant background in a sports club's life.” (Wolfgang Fleiner, Vice President on the Board of Management of Schwäbischer Turnerbund e.V. - Swabian Gymnastics Association - (STB) at the kick-off meeting on 25.11.2016)

The Federal Ministry of the Interior supports projects for democratic participation, civic engagement and against extremism with the Cohesion through participation programme. The focus of the programme is on active individuals and volunteers in national clubs and associations. They are trained, for example, to become advisers within the clubs – so-called democracy trainers – who are able to recognise anti-democratic attitudes within their organisations, provide advice in cases of conflict with an extremist background and encourage and support the development of prevention strategies. In addition, the individuals try out new forms of democratic participation to encourage people from all generations to get more involved and take on responsibility on a voluntary basis.